Integrating with Iron

Iron is a library that's been around for a while in the Rust sphere but lately hasn't seen much of development. Nevertheless, it's still a solid library with a familiar request/response/middleware architecture that works on Rust's stable channel.

Juniper's Iron integration is contained in the juniper_iron crate:

!FILENAME Cargo.toml

juniper = "0.10"
juniper_iron = "0.2.0"

Included in the source is a small example which sets up a basic GraphQL and GraphiQL handler.

Basic integration

Let's start with a minimal schema and just get a GraphQL endpoint up and running. We use mount to attach the GraphQL handler at /graphql.

The context_factory function will be executed on every request and can be used to set up database connections, read session token information from cookies, and set up other global data that the schema might require.

In this example, we won't use any global data so we just return an empty value.

extern crate juniper;
extern crate juniper_iron;
extern crate iron;
extern crate mount;

use mount::Mount;
use iron::prelude::*;
use juniper::EmptyMutation;
use juniper_iron::GraphQLHandler;

fn context_factory(_: &mut Request) -> IronResult<()> {

struct Root;

impl Root {
    fn foo() -> String {

# #[allow(unreachable_code, unused_variables)]
fn main() {
    let mut mount = Mount::new();

    let graphql_endpoint = GraphQLHandler::new(

    mount.mount("/graphql", graphql_endpoint);

    let chain = Chain::new(mount);

#   return;

Accessing data from the request

If you want to access e.g. the source IP address of the request from a field resolver, you need to pass this data using Juniper's context feature.

# extern crate juniper;
# extern crate juniper_iron;
# extern crate iron;
# use iron::prelude::*;
use std::net::SocketAddr;

struct Context {
    remote_addr: SocketAddr,

impl juniper::Context for Context {}

fn context_factory(req: &mut Request) -> IronResult<Context> {
    Ok(Context {
        remote_addr: req.remote_addr

struct Root;

    Context = Context,
impl Root {
    field my_addr(context: &Context) -> String {
        format!("Hello, you're coming from {}", context.remote_addr)

# fn main() {
#     let _graphql_endpoint = juniper_iron::GraphQLHandler::new(
#         context_factory,
#         Root,
#         juniper::EmptyMutation::<Context>::new(),
#     );
# }